BBC shares critical report about UN Human Rights Council

by Phil Schneider

BBC has it right – this time. The UN Human Rights Council has become a laughing-stock. The countries with the most miserable records of human rights have now been elected to the Council. The UN should have a Human Rights Council, but the entire UN organization is not set up as it should. Therefore, when a majority of the countries are willing to cozy up to China and Russia for economic reasons, the world becomes a mess.

The UN should have representatives from every country. But the central figures of that body should be people who are internationally recognized as being beyond political controversy. They should be people who’s personal life stories will inspire others. Today, nobody truly takes any decision of the Human Rights Council seriously. But, if there were an overhaul, things could be radically different and the UN would be the moral compass of the world.

The basic idea of a world body committed to peace and harmony between nations is indeed a lofty goal. But it won’t be achieved with the present status of the United Nations. That is why the UN could use a reset. It won’t happen in the near future, but it could happen in a matter of a decade or two if the Middle East continues to transform as it has in the last few years.

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