New Israeli film sparks outrageous antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

All antisemitism is absurd, let’s be honest. And this is no less absurd. The things these anti-Zionists posted about an Israeli film – you can’t make it up.

Antisemitism is Everywhere

Antisemitism is everywhere. It seems that Jews cannot escape it. Why was this new Israeli film the subject to such vicious antisemitism? Because anti-Zionists and antisemites have no shame. They go after everyone and everything. No person, no matter how innocent, is protected from such terrible hatred.

Although the directors of the film were quite facetious when reading the comments about their film, if you think about it, they are truly horrific comments. They are libels. And for those who do not know the truth about Israel, they might read those comments and be tricked into believing absurd things about the Jewish state. The directors of the film were not trying to provoke anyone or any topic. They were just trying to create something to entertain the public. Since when did making a film about Israel become such a crime?

Israelis have the Right to Create

Israelis are targeted for everything. They are even targeted for just creating and producing films. People try to boycott them for everything.

But the creativity of Israelis knows no bounds. Despite the backlash for even something as innocent as a film, Israel will continue to develop and create. Whether it be in the medical field, agriculture, or the entertainment industry, antisemites will not deter Israel from existing and thriving.

Have these antisemites/anti-Zionists not realized that centuries of persecution have not worked to deter the nation of Israel? Just study history. Study the Bible. G-d keeps His promises to the Jewish people. They will continue to be G-d’s nation forever. And when you are G-d’s nation, you don’t disappear.

*Make sure you get a chance to watch the full film here!

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