Arab journalist calls former PA minister Hitler in fiery debate

by Leah Rosenberg

When an Arab journalist compares a former “Palestinian” official to Hitler, it is something you gotta hear for yourself.

Arab Journalist Attacks Former PA Minister

Now this is something for the world to see! The Middle East is changing.

If an Arab journalist realizes how dangerous the Palestinian Authority (PA) is, the whole world should focus in and pay attention. The world treats the PA as if it is a regular government upholding morals and values. World leaders tell Israel to have “peace talks” with a leadership that promotes the murder of innocent people. The PA is a terrorist organization that wants to destroy Israel. They pay those who murder Jews! You cannot have peace talks with such leaders until they change

The Arab world is beginning to speak up against the “Palestinians.” They are beginning to see that the narrative of the “Palestinians” is ludicrous and that the Jewish people deserve their own land without being threatened.

“Palestinian” Leadership Doesn’t Want Peace

The fact that the “Palestinian” leadership is furious about all the peace deals says it all. If they truly wanted peace, they would follow what their fellow Arabs are doing, and they would make peace with Israel. It is clear that Israel is not the problem. Israel has no issues with making peace with those who truly want peace. They have already made peace with many Arab countries!

The issue is the “Palestinian” leadership. Until that changes, Israel cannot have peace with the “Palestinian” people. Until they stop claiming that there is an “occupation,” until they stop spreading libels against the Jewish people, and until they stop murdering innocent Jews in cold blood, there cannot be peace.

At least this Arab journalist knows the truth.

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