Iranian hackers thought to be behind massive cyber attack on Israel

by Phil Schneider

Iran attacking Israel via the cyber direction should not come as a big surprise. After all, the State of Iran and the State of Israel have been fighting the cyber war for many years. It is the stealthy side of the battle between Iran and Israel. Israel has been winning this war, but Iran does occasionally get in a punch or two.

Iran has said that they want to retaliate against Iran for all of the new peace agreements that Israel has signed with other Arab countries like Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. Additionally, Iran is obviously beefed at Israel’s assassination of it’s nuclear chief scientist. Israel invests much in cyber security and cyber management. But Israel needs to understand that this war is just in it’s infancy and it will only grow in the coming years.

Just like some iconic aspects of warfare have largely become ossified like the Battleship or the Cannon, so too, some aspects of warfare will not be as important as cyber warfare. The best and the brightest minds should be grabbed by the Israeli Army and given the incentive of long-term job security if they make it in to the elite cyber units.

Iran may be the greatest enemy today, but over time, China, Russia, and others will also pose a challenge to the State of Israel. Israel must beef up it’s cyber warfare – both offensively and defensively to deal with the security challenges in the future.

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