The familiar music that’s coming from the walls of Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Even those who are not Jewish will recognize some of these Hebrew songs coming from the walls of Jerusalem. Beautiful!

Music from the Walls of Jerusalem

Nothing is better than Jewish music being sung from the walls of Jerusalem. “L’Chaim” – to life – is well known throughout the world. Another song that the IDF chief cantor sang along with other performers is called “Adon Olam” – Master of the World. It is a song that is said in the daily prayer service as well as before one goes to sleep. It is one of the first songs a child learns. Then they sang a song called “Shir L’Ahava” – the song of love. It is also known as “Yachad” – Together. Lastly, they sang “Saalam” or “Od Yavo Shalom” – Peace will come. Singing about peace from the walls of Jerusalem? Amazing!

Back in Jerusalem

It was a dream to once again have control over Jerusalem. And then to be able to sing Jewish music from the ancient capital of the Jewish people is unreal. Jerusalem is the soul of Israel – of the land and the people.

Over the thousands of years of exile, the Jewish people hoped and prayed to be able to once again sing from Jerusalem. And today in 2020, even though there is pain in the world, the Jews are singing from their ancestral homeland and ancient capital. What a miracle! We need to count our blessings. We need to be grateful to G-d for what we do have while praying for what we still are lacking. And what we do have is a Jewish state. What we do have is Jewish people singing again from inside Jerusalem.

Judea and Samaria Building
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