A Florida Holocaust museum shamefully hosts George Floyd exhibit

by Leah Rosenberg

Why would a Holocaust museum ever be willing to do what this one did? Truly despicable. Truly shameful. How dare they?

A Holocaust Museum is the Wrong Place for it

It is truly nauseating to think that a Holocaust museum itself is belittling the Holocaust. Isn’t the whole point of a museum commemorating the Holocaust to show the world a glimpse at the pain of the Holocaust and the truth about it? To show the world how tragic and serious it was? Does the Holocaust museum itself not even know what the Holocaust was?

People have a right to peacefully protest. People have a right to be upset about what happened with George Floyd. But a place remembering six million Jews that were murdered in cold blood and brutally tortured is not the same place to mourn the loss of one man who was killed in the wrong way by one policeman. There was no systematic killing. There was no mass torturing. Men, women, and children were not subject to horrific experimentation on their bodies in the George Floyd case.

No, one man was killed in the wrong way by one policeman. Yes, it was wrong. Despite the fact that George Floyd had a criminal record, he still should not have been killed the way he was.

But is that the same as the tragedy of six million Jews being slaughtered by Hitler? Not even a little. And for those who say it is the same, they are desecrating the memory of all those murdered and dishonoring those who survived.

Those who claim George Floyd deserves a memorial in a Holocaust museum have no concept of the brutality of the Holocaust. They have no concept of what happened during the years that Hitler ruled over Nazi Germany.

This entire situation comparing the George Floyd case to the murder of six million Jews is truly shameful.

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