Why an IDF soldier didn’t stop a terrorist from throwing a bomb at him

by Leah Rosenberg

No, the IDF soldier was not afraid of the terrorist. This situation can never happen again. Israel’s legal system must change.

Why an IDF Soldier Held His Fire

This video clearly shows a terrorist approaching an IDF soldier, taking out a molotov cocktail firebomb, lighting it and then throwing a it at an IDF soldier (Thank G-d, the IDF soldier was not injured). But why didn’t the soldier fire back first? Why did he allow the terrorist to throw the bomb?

MK Bezalel Smotrich’s tweet on Twitter says the answer. He said, “This story is simply insane. A fighter in Golani is afraid of opening fire at a terrorist who lights a firebomb and throws it at him from close range (right underneath my home in Kedumim). But this fighter is not guilty. It is the legal system in the State of Israel, which is behaving like in Sodom, which should be blamed. Whoever prosecutes Arie Schiff (a 70-year-old Israeli from Arad who shot a Bedouin thief who tried to steal his car -ed.) on a murder charge should not be surprised when fighters are afraid to shoot terrorists,” he added.

The soldier should never have been afraid to neutralize a terrorist throwing a firebomb at him. But he was afraid because he didn’t want to be indicted by Israel’s legal system. That must change. Israel cannot protect itself from terrorism if soldiers are afraid of the legal system.

Obviously an IDF soldier who randomly shoots Arabs should be indicted. But no one should ever be blamed for protecting himself against terrorists who are trying to kill him. No one should be guilty of any crime for that.

This is another example of how the progressive agenda of the judicial establishment is making it harder for the IDF, and regular Israelis, to defend themselves.

Since when does the rights of a terrorist or a thief trump the rights of law-abiding citizens?

Unfortunately, according to many prosecutors and judges in our progressive judicial system that is the reality.

Israel does not need better soldiers or a better army. No, we need a legal system that will allow our soldiers and citizens to do what is necessary to protect when necessary. While the justice system believes they are being “humane” by prioritizing the rights of terrorists and criminals they are actually being immoral, directly enabling more and more terror and crime against law-abiding citizens.

Motivation for Terror
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