Candace Owens exposes the biggest lie about George Floyd

by Phil Schneider

Candace Owens simply stood in front of her phone in a non-professional selfie video and created a video that has been seen by tens of millions of people. What has she done that is so brilliant? Watch and you will see. But watch till the end, and beware that there is some course language in this video. There are no bells and whistles, no fancy graphics, just straight logic that cuts through all of the noise that fills the world today.

Candace speaks about what is so unique about the black community today in the United States. She tackles the narrative that has become fashionable among many to turn criminals into heroes after racist actions by a law enforcement official. Candace says what many are scared to say. The world is not as simple as so many people make it out to be. Candace knows how to split hairs and just focus on the heart of the matter.

So what is the real nature of the problem of violence from law enforcement officials? If you are looking for politically correct, don’t watch this. There is a gap among crime in the United States. What is the root cause of the issues? It would seem that it is not about problems in formal education. The issue is the education from the home – more specifically, the lack of education in the home among many minority communities. The reason why there is less effective parenting among minorities is because the family breakdown in America is greater in minority communities.

But the best takedown by Candace Owens is her line that this is a white vs. black issue only because it is an election year.

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