America Tears Itself Apart As Lockdowns, Election Fraud, and Uncertainty Take Their Toll

by Gavriel Dan

In Sacramento, California a disturbing scene occurred where ANTIFA and group of right leaning individuals sparred with one another. This scene has played itself out across the country and has increased after the Nov. 3rd election.

In the summer time ANTIFA and BLM ransacked shops and started riots in cities throughout America, but rarely did they fight against rightwing groups. That is beginning to change with more and more MAGA supporting people taking to the streets to push back.

Most observers are hoping for some sort of normalcy come January 20th, but given Biden’s support for the “Great Reset” program planned out by corporate interests, the fear is that some sort of fissure will take place in an already broken American society.

Those who voted for Biden, hoping that the country would begin to heal, guessed wrong. Groups like ANTIFA are essentially domestic terror organizations that have yet to meet with enough force to put them down. This is why rightwing groups like the Proud Boys and others feel the need to punish ANTIFA.

America desperately needs a unifier or a President that will not hold back in putting down the violent insurrection that appears to be growing. Biden is neither. Trump may want to move on, but in the next weeks, America needs a leader more than ever, especially before a potential Biden administration comes in and makes it way worse.

Motivation for Terror
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