Arab Arsonists Continue to Burn Down Israel: Fire Destroys 3 Businesses in the Galilee

by Leah Rosenberg

This is enough! When will the Arab arsonists be stopped? When will the authorities install more security and catch these terrorists?

Arab Arsonists Strike Again

It has really been out of control. Although the last two weeks or so have been quieter, Arab arsonists have been burning down the land of Israel. Businesses have been burned, acres upon acres of land have been damaged. And there are no consequences. This time, it was in Hatzor HaGlilit in the Galilee. These arsonists have attacked all throughout Israel though, not just in the North – Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the South. There needs to be more security installed – cameras and the like – so that these Arabs stop burning Israel; so that they can get punished for acting so viciously.

These fires are not innocent. And they spread very quickly, especially in Israel’s dry weather. Aside from the fact that Israeli authorities should be stopping this, where is the international media? Why does the world not care that Arabs act like this? They don’t care when these things happen to Jews or Jewish land.

And what is so interesting is that much of the world believes the false narrative that the land of Israel belongs to the “Palestinians.” But if the “Palestinians” really cared about the land, why would they be burning it down?

Arab Incitement
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