This Leftist Italian Musician Gave the Greatest Jewish Speech of All Time

by Phil Schneider

This timeless speech explores the roots of anti-Jewish sentiments and anti-Israel racism. But, it also reminds us of what the Jewish people have brought to the world. Yes, the Jewish people have not only brought blessing to the world. They have been at the forefront of so many movements that have dominated the world’s scene. Yes, the Jewish people stood at the forefront of the Communist movement. And, yes, some of the greatest capitalistic minds were Jewish. So, the haters had as many reasons as they wanted to blame the Jewish people for all of the ills of the world.


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Despite all of the contributions, the haters always had their reasoning to hate. The Jewish people were always fair game to blame. And the Jewish people were not just blamed. They were killed and defamed and treated worse than any other people in the history of mankind. But the Jewish people exist today and are thriving – in the Land of Israel – more than in any other time in history.

The ending of this impassioned speech offers the true reason – that is so convincing. After all is said and done, the reason a Holocaust or a mass execution of Jews will no longer happen again is not because the world has graduated from mass anti-semitism. The haters are alive and well today, just like they were before World War II. The reason is that the Jewish people will rescue those in need and kill those who intend to kill them. The State of Israel’s most impressive achievement is the build up of the Israel Armed Forces. Today, the Jewish people no longer need to beg for mercy or for guardians. The Jewish people carry machine guns and fight back. And, yes, this is a message from a proud leftist Jew!

Dr. Risch

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