Iranian and Israeli Coaches Record Video Together at Olympics

by Leah Rosenberg

The Olympics are supposed to be unifying. And it is moments like this one that truly make you feel how connecting sports can be.

The Olympics

With all the negative talk about Iran, it is important to remember that the Iranian regime and the Iranian people are two completely different groups. Yes, it is true – some Iranian people support their regime and support terrorism. But many, many don’t. Like the Iranian coach at the Olympics.

This is not some small act that the Iranian coach and the Israeli coach recorded a video together. It is a big deal. It makes a statement. They want the world to know that the Jewish people and the Iranian people have nothing against each other. It is the Iranian regime that needs to be stopped, not the Iranian people as a whole.

The Olympics are competitive. Every country “fights” against each other. But the fact that the countries and the competitors can also join together is unique. There is something unifying about the games despite their competitive nature.

Will the bond between the Israeli people and the Iranian people be strong enough to bring about a real change in Iran? Who knows. But this is definitely a start. These moments matter. Let’s not take any positive moments for granted. Every moment of peace without fighting brings more beauty to the world!

Dr. Risch

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