Iranian Political Activist Wanted by Regime Gives Powerful Message to the Israeli People

by Phil Schneider

The Iranian people are not the same thing as the Iranian regime. That is the central message of this video. It is indeed true. It is true of many centralized regimes such as the one that dominates Iran today. It is also true of the former Soviet Union. No matter how much the Soviet Union tried to convince it’s people of the justness of a socialist way of life, the masses who waited on lines for hours to get their loaf of bread knew that the rich corrupt strata in society was purchasing bread in minutes in the back of the building. Socialism breeds corrupt capitalism among it’s upper echelon.

Iran is a different story. Until 1979, when the Ayatollahs took over, Iran was a relatively Western-oriented regime. The people of Iran were not as religious as many other countries in the Middle East. But their was a growing radical Muslim minority that was gaining momentum. In 1979, the dam burst, and the revolution against the Shah of Iran came out in full force. The Shah was no saint. But he was the best option at the time for Iran for the Western world. The United States did not invest enough effort to shore up the more moderate option against the more radical option.

Then, one day, America woke up to hundreds of American hostages in Iran who were handcuffed and blindfolded. This nightmare lasted for nearly one year and was certainly a contributing factor to Jimmy Carter not being reelected in 1980. The nightmare continues to this day for the tens of millions of Iranians who want nothing to do with their leadership. Barack Obama made it clear that he would not stand behind the masses who rose up to protest. Will Joe Biden’s administration do any better? Probably not. But one day, the dam will burst in another direction, and Iran will shift back to the will of it’s people, the majority that are completely at odds with their leadership. The question is how long it will take and will the West help them attain their goals or sit on the sidelines.

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