The Discovery of the Missing First Temple Era Jerusalem Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

It is always fascinating to discover things from the first Temple era. History is so revealing of the past.

Discoveries from the First Temple Era

How can the world deny such concrete evidence of what happened in the past? How can they deny that the history of Israel is JEWISH history; that the constant archaeological discoveries prove the Jews right and the “Palestinians” wrong?

None of this is a matter of opinion. It is very strongly a matter of fact. And facts matter. The truth matters. If the truth is so obvious, people should be chasing after it and holding on to it. They should be believing it. But so much of the world doesn’t care about the truth.

The world’s ignorance and antisemitism won’t stop Israel from continuing to uncover ancient findings. Israel will continue to dig up the truth and show it to anyone who is willing to listen.

G-d purposely allowed it to be that there would be proof of the past. We can choose to listen to what G-d wants or to ignore it. Sadly, when the world denies Israel its right to exist and ignores the truth, they are ignoring G-d and what He wants. They are ignoring G-d’s desire for His people to live in His land.

Hopefully, one day soon, the world will open its eyes and see G-d and everything that represents Him in this world.

The Ancient Nations Thought They Destroyed Us

The Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, and all other nations that tried to destroy the Jewish people are no longer. There are remnants of everything they tried to destroy. And who is the destruction found by? The Jews; the very nation they tried to obliterate. Irony, you may call it?

Jews call it Divine Providence.

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