Hypocrisy Behind Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott EXPOSED

by David Mark

With Ben and Jerry’s boycott of Jewish communities in the liberated Judea and Samaria going forward – no one in the Woke company decided to find out where the “palestinian” Arabs get their ice cream from.

No they don’t ship it in from the USA. The “palestinian” Arabs get their ice cream from Israel. So Ben and Jerry’s in one master stroke has now decided to not only boycott Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, but in a sense they are boycotting “Palestine.”

Without Ben and Jerry’s Israel to distribute over the Green Line the Arabs there won’t be getting Ben and Jerry’s once 2022 comes. One can ask how an oppressed group of people supposedly suffering under painful “occupation” was able to get Ben and Jerry’s in the first place. After all something tells me most oppressed people don’t have a steady supply of Ben and Jerry’s. Does this mean that it will be in fact Ben and Jerry’s who really oppresses “palestinians?”

Woke just means stupid.

Of course Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t really care for the “palestinians.” Being a Woke Company they are only compelled by one thing – Jew hatred. It appears that the “palestinians” in Judea and Samaria will just have to team up with “settler” neighbors and start buying Haagen Dazs.

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