What the White House is Now Doing Puts Every American in Danger

by Phil Schneider

The White House is run today by Obama insiders who are back in power. They are more experienced in one thing than anything else. They know how to organize a movement of people around ideas. This is very powerful. They also understand that the key to organizing people around ideas is to control the information. And they understand well that Facebook has more control over information than any other source today. Therefore, the White House and Facebook have begun to control the information flow from Facebook. This is indeed frightening.

A strong centralized government is a positive thing – as long as it is not an absolutely powerful centralized government. To the extent that it has too much power, it becomes a danger to the public. That is the main reason that socialism has failed in every single country that it has been tested. The Soviet Union, and all of it’s satellites were all strong centralized governments that tightly controlled the flow of information. China – to this day – is extremely careful with everything that flows in and our of the minds of it’s people. The freedoms that the Western countries cherish are nothing less than a distant dream for the billions of people who are oppressed under socialist regimes. There is a very thin line between socialist-based societies and totalitarian governments. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The Biden administration is a perfectly orchestrated puppet show. Nobody can imagine Joe Biden as a dictator. Heck, on a bad day, he doesn’t know where he is coming from or where he is going. Could he actually be a dictatorial leader? The answer is no. He can’t. But he is not running the country. The people running the country are the same people who ran the Obama administration, but they are more experienced. And they know that they may only have till the end of 2022 to truly enact their most grandiose ideas. By 2022, Republicans may even control both the House and the Senate. So, beware the overreach for the next year and a half. It is frightening. But it can and will indeed be reversed. Nearly every time the United States lurches too far in one direction, the boomerang effect takes hold. Thank you to the founding fathers of the United States who understood well that checks and balances are the key to a successful political system.

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