Israel Strikes Southern Aleppo, Two Syrian Hezbollah Fighters Killed

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli airstrikes hit Southern Aleppo. Although, of course the Syrian media claims that Israel hit an innocent target. But that’s false.

Terrorists Killed in Southern Aleppo

Although the Syrian media wants to claim that Israel struck a factory and research center, Israel in fact killed two Syrian Hezbollah fighters, which means they killed two terrorists. You can see in this video people mourning in Southern Aleppo. Who are they mourning? Terrorists. Why are seemingly regular people mourning terrorists? Why do they support such a lifestyle? If you knew nothing about this situation, you would think they are mourning righteous people.

Israel is a force of good in the Middle East. Despite what the world wants you to believe, Israel is fighting against the evil that exists in the Middle East. And the world should be backing Israel for this. The world should be applauding Israel for standing against terrorism!

But they don’t.

Instead, those same terrorist states that Israel fights against are MEMBERS of the United Nations. Yes, members. They sit at the UN and condemn Israel. It is so, so twisted. And something has got to change.

Lag B'Omer

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