Amid Growing Threats from Iran, Israel Sends Warning to Iran

by Avi Abelow

After a week filled with threats from Iran on Israel’s northern border, Southern border and a build up in Judea & Samaria, Israel sends a message.

“The Syrians have missiles that can reach Ben Gurion Airport,” the current senior fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies said on Radio 103FM Thursday. “They have anti-aircraft missiles that can damage planes coming out of Ben-Gurion Airport. But the relationship between us and Syria is such that a Syrian attempt would give us permission to strike them so hard that the Syrian regime would be over, so I don’t see the Syrians risking such an incident.”

Despite the fact that Iranians shot a surface-to-surface missile Sunday at Israel from Syrian territory that was intercepted successfully by the Iron Dome, Amidror does not believe that Tehran would escalate the situation. Saying that tough talk in the Middle East doesn’t translate into action, he noted, “Once it comes to support, one doesn’t help the other…. The Iranians in Syria have no ability to back the Syrians. This is what we’re fighting for and what we want to prevent.”

Israeli Air Force jets hit dozens of targets in Syria at the beginning of the week, most of them linked to Iranian military assets. One was a weapons depot near the Damascus airport, confirmed as such when numerous secondary explosions were heard after the strike.

21 Iranian & Syrian Soldiers Killed as Israel Attacks Military Installations in Syria

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