The malicious media lies about the Covington MAGA boys and lies about Israel are connected

by Brian of London

In my podcast / vlog today, I explains the malicious way in which the media took a highly selective video clip, coupled with outright lies from an activist to destroy the reputations of the Covington Catholic school kids.

These are exactly the same tricks the media have been using against Israel and I give the two best examples, the photo of Tuvia Grossman, covered in blood, being rescued by Israeli police after the media had said he had just been beaten by them. The other example I mentioned was the world famous Mohammed Al Durah footage which Prof Landes has proved is completely unreliable.

There is more media fakery from the UK with complete lies about journalist and activist, Tommy Robinson, who went to talk to a UK MP who had told lies about him in the UK Houses of Parliament. When an MP speaks in Parliament he has “Parliamentary Privilege” meaning he can’t be sued for anything he says. Tommy went with his cellphone and one camera man to talk to the MP who was in a public library in Glasgow on Friday.

Instead of just talking to Tommy, Stewart McDonald called the police who sent multiple cars and at least 8 officers who locked down the library while Tommy waited outside, interviewing passers by on his live stream. You can see all of that here.

Eventually the MP was rushed to his car, past Tommy and his camera man. The MP fed a story to the UK press which repeated it uncritically, that Tommy Robinson had showed up with a squad of people to block every exit! Just as in the case from Covington, the video shows otherwise.

Once you start seeing the commonality between these disparate cases, you start to understand why the main stream media is so dangerous and you must find alternative news sources you trust.

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