America, Beware: Anti-Israel Activists Call to “Globalize the Intifada”

by Leah Rosenberg

The Intifada is about murdering as many Jews as possible. And this is what anti-Israel activists in America are calling for!

Anti-Israel Activists – You Don’t Want This in America

Are these anti-Israel activists that clueless? The intifada is about murdering as many Jews as possible, even if it means murdering Arabs too. And that is what happened and happens in Israel. Even when there is no official “intifada,” whenever Arab terrorists attack, they don’t care if they also kill Arabs. And that is how you know this is not about any type of justice. This is about murdering Jews and whoever else gets in the way.

Since the time Israel became a state and WELL before Israel was officially a modern state, thousands of Israels have been murdered, and more have been injured. Children have been left orphans; Parents have been left childless. Friends have grieved. Grandparents have lost their baby grandchildren. All for “social justice?” Nonsense! This is Jew-hatred. It has nothing to do with land or justice!

Is that really what these Americans want to happen in America? They want to be living amongst complete bloodshed? They want to contribute to murdering innocent children?

It’s time young Americans learned a little history.

Arab Incitement
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