Will Biden Follow Obama and NOT Support the Iranian People?

by Phil Schneider

The Iranian people have begun a major movement. They are boycotting their own leadership – the Islamic Regime. This is a major development. The Iranian people have been oppressed for more than 40 years, since the beginning of the radical Islamic dictatorships that seized power back in 1979.

What is not known by many people is that the Iranian people are – for the most part – not radical Islamic people. They are a peace-loving, Western-oriented people who are stuck behind a totalitarian regime that has been the main troublemaker in the Middle East over the last four decades. It wasn’t always like that. Between the 1950’s and 1970’s, Iran, and to a certain extent Lebanon, were the more open-minded of the Middle East countries. Large American companies worked to make business deals with Iranian companies. But all of this changes in 1979, with the fall of the Shah, and the rise of the radical Clerics.

During the Obama administration, massive street demonstrations by the Iranian people were brutally knocked down by the totalitarian regime. What happened in Egypt during the Arab spring did spill over to Iran too. But Obama did not support the demonstrators. He basically turned a blind eye from the potentially game-changer events. Will Joe Biden do the same?

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