Armed “Palestinian Arabs” From Gaza Break Into Israel

by Micha Gefen

With rhetoric increasing between Israel and Iran as well as Hezbollah preparing an invasion of Northern Israel, Gazans appear ready to take their fight forward.

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Four Gazan Arabs – three with knives, broke into Southern Israel at two different times. The IDF apprehended the would be invaders rather quickly thanks to surveillance equipment. While this was not a formal invasion or a major terrorist attack there is a subtly warning in the event – Israel’s Gazan border is not perfect.

This message is an important one for the country. Israelis often times relegate the Gaza area as one of rocket fire and not ground invasions. However, it was not too long ago that Gazan terrorists tried to dig their way under Israeli communities. The practice was so widespread, residents did not know where the tunnels were and expected a horde of terrorists from Gaza to ambush them at any time.

The four “palestinian” Arabs are a real reminder that attackers from Gaza are a very real possibility and the government must take heed.

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