Ambassador Friedman says the Bible is coming to life with the Abraham Accords

by Leah Rosenberg

Ambassador Friedman perfectly explains what led to peace between Israel and some Arab countries. The world did not think it would be possible. But look!

Ambassador Friedman and Peace

It is amazing to listen to Ambassador Friedman discuss the Abraham Accords and the recent peace deals between Israel and various Arab countries. He brings the Bible into the conversation in such a real way. Peace between Israel and Arabs today is possible just like it was in Biblical times, as Friedman points out.

A few years ago, no one thought this could be possible. The Middle East is changing before our eyes. We have to thank G-d for that, and we also have to thank President Trump for helping bring about the peace deals. To not recognize what President Trump has done for Israel is akin to ignoring G-d’s gifts that He has bestowed upon this generation. He sends messengers to carry out His plans, and we have to thank those messengers as well.

Strength Beats Terrorist Regimes

President Trump has accomplished a great deal over the last four years. And he did so with strength, not weakness. He did so by staying strong, not by appeasing the enemy.

Iran got that message. The “Palestinian” Authority got that message.

Another strong message? President Trump keeps his promises. And that is something that should make allies proud and enemies fear.

He promised to do everything in his power to stop Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon, and he placed strong sanctions on them.

He promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and that is exactly what he did.

Promises are not meant to be broken. Thank you, President Trump, for keeping your promises.

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