The elitist revolution that would destroy America

by Phil Schneider

There is a lot of talk today about how America is divided as it never has been before. Putting aside whether or not this is true, there is no question that there is indeed much division in today’s political climate. This video focuses on the idea of America being a country that is based on systemic racism. Is there some truth to this accusation? This video claims that this is simply wrong.

Let’s explore the idea of the United States being fundamentally racist. Isn’t it true that black people have been oppressed and enslaved over the centuries in the United States? Isn’t it true that until the Civil Rights Movement, Black people were second class citizens throughout much of the United States? Well, yes, the black people in the United States were indeed enslaved and second-class citizens. The main thing that the United States actually fought the Civil War over was the idea of slavery. And the North won and slavery was eradicated. But hat did not take care of all issues of racism. It did take care of the issue of systemic slavery. Approximately 100 years later, the Civil Rights Movement took root and rattled the United States of America. What changed? Well, for once, the Black people were not second class citizens any more. White Liberal Democratic Presidents, such as Harry S. Truman and Lyndon Baines Johnson, played key roles and bucked trends within some of their party. The Dixiecrats were not very fond of the changes they were pushing through. But in the end, the United States became the most progressive country in fighting the norms of racism that existed within it’s midst.

It is not a surprise that a mere 30 years later, the United States elected an African American President, and had a Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff of the Military who were African Americans. It is not surprising to see African Americans in nearly all positions of power and leadership today in nearly every field of endeavor. That is perhaps the best proof of all that there is no longer any critical problem within American society today. Individual racism most certainly exists. Perhaps some areas of the United States have more individuals that are racist than others. But that is a far cry from the argument that systemic racism exists. It is the same with chauvinism, anti-semitism, and other negative phenomenon in society. Individuals with strong biases will always exist. But there are no major systemic problems in American society today. The accusations are indeed misplaced.

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