A walk through Jerusalem’s marketplace that tourists have been dying to do

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem’s marketplace is one of the top places to visit as a tourist. But since the pandemic, many haven’t been able to experience it.

Jerusalem’s Marketplace

Jerusalem’s marketplace, otherwise known as “The Shuk” or Machane Yehuda, is one of the most unique places to visit. It gives an experience of ancient and modern combined. Venders are selling everything from fruits and vegetables to suitcases and backpacks. The colors of all the produce is beautiful. Judaic items and souvenirs; nuts and candy. Restaurants fill the alleyways. You can smell fish and meat as you walk by the different sellers. The venders yell out what they sell to try to get people’s attention. At the Shuk, there is the “outdoor” part and the “indoor” part. Although many people sell the same items, somehow, they all are still there. Israelis and tourists have their specific vendors they like to go to. The smell of bakeries permeates the air as you walk by the freshly baked goods. You even have your ice cream places and your grocery stores hiding between everything else!

It is really an experience.

But since the pandemic, obviously the crowd has lessened. But it is still running. Although the tourists cannot visit, Israelis are still coming. People are still making their way to the famous Jerusalem Marketplace.

Since tourists cannot visit, this video gives a little walkthrough for those who miss going to the unique marketplace. And for those who have never visited, when the pandemic ends, make sure this is on the list of one of your first stops in Jerusalem!

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