Muslim migrants destroy a police station in Brussels riots

by Leah Rosenberg

If only this was the first time Muslim migrants acted destructively. But this is by no means the first time, sadly.

Muslim Migrants Acting Violently Again

When Muslim migrants act violently, it won’t make every mainstream media headline – if it even makes any. So, many people might not know the truth. But this event was just another one to add to the long list of destructive behavior by Muslim migrants entering European countries. Sweden has been set afire, as have other European cities.

Ibrahima B. was arrested after he ran from a Coronavirus check. When the police caught him and brought him in for questioning, Ibrahima apparently lost consciousness after he arrived at the police station. Police oversight body Committee P is looking into the incident to make sure police acted according to rules, but there is no reason right now to believe they did anything wrong. The police had called emergency services to transport him to a hospital where he then died.

The burning of the police station happened during a protest following his death. Although some protested peacefully at first, there were those who created a destructive situation and threw stones and police officers and then burned a police station.

Violence is never the answer. Those responsible for the violence should be held accountable.

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