Gaza Fires Rockets At Israel, Is This A Precursor For Something More?

by Micha Gefen

Early Monday morning Gazan terrorist leaders fired two rockets at Israel. Given the fact that like always Israel responded immediately, destroying a number of buildings, the question is what is behind the latest decision to attack?

Like anything coming out of Gaza, multiple reasons for attacking Israel are usually on the table. The most primary one is Iran. With the Sunni-Israel alliance strengthening, the Gazan warlords have few options left other than to rely on Iran for funding and support. Shooting missiles is a great way to show the Mullahs that Gaza still matters.

Then again, these Gazan missiles may be more than some sort of wake up for its warlord’s masters, but may have to do with tomorrow’s inauguration. Biden’s team may not harbor anti-Israel views like Iran or Syria, but they have made no secret about their obsession with a two state solution. Last time there was an administration like this Biden was the VP and Gazan terrorists had no issues firing thousands of rockets at Israel as Washington tied Israel’s hands.

Is Hamas and Islamic Jihad sending Jerusalem a message? It may very well be so.

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