Rep. Swalwell unashamedly compares President Trump to Osama bin Laden

by Avi Abelow

Are you noticing a pattern? Years of calling Trump “Hitler”. Recently hearing Joe Biden calling Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley “Goebells” (Hitler’s propaganda Minister). Calling Trump supporters “domestic terrorists” regardless of whether they entered the Capitol building or even were present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th or not. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi calling for a “9/11 like inquiry”. And now Rep. Swalwell comparing Trump to Osama Bin-Laden?

Whether it is coordinated or not, we are hearing a continuous escalation of rhetoric laying the groundwork for a potential Biden administration to treat Trump supporters across the United States as domestic terrorists. Just read what is written in this recent Time magazine article titled “‘Everyone Thinks I’m a Terrorist’: Capitol Riot Fuels Calls for Domestic War on Terror”

A growing chorus of security experts and politicians has cast the mob, or parts of it, in terms that are typically reserved for ISIS and Al Qaeda. Some commentators have even begun to call for a new American war on terror in response to the Capitol riot, one aimed at President Trump’s more radical supporters on the right.

That has stirred a broader debate about how best to fight right-wing domestic terrorism: with criminal laws already on the books, with new powers modeled on those crafted to fight Islamic terrorism after 9/11; or with some mix of the two. At the same time, it is raising new fears among rights advocates that civil liberties already eroded after 9/11 will be further diminished.

Eric Swalwell has reached a new low. Trump is, according to him, similar to no less than Osama Bin Laden. What an absolute disgrace. According to Swalwell, President Trump just lead a full-scale insurrection against the Congress, right? What a load of misinformation. As we have documented here and here, too many fingers point in the direction of antifa-like activists who infiltrated the Trump rally. But, the establishment media is not allowing for any questioning of the promoted narrative that Trump led an “insurrection” and his followers are domestic terrorists that endanger the USA.

The other thing the establishment media is ignoring is the groundbreaking revelation of Rep. Swalwell himself and his relationship with Fang Fang (also known as Christine) who the FBI says was a spy for the Chinese government who cultivated relationships — several of which were intimate — with rising Democratic politicians across the United States. He is potentially compromised. Yet, the media, and Democrats are ignoring this revelation. Swalwell has been sitting on the House Intelligence Committee, yet he has been potentially compromised for years!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also just returned Swalwell to a Homeland Security panel.

Why should a potentially compromised Congressman be placed on panels where national security secrets are revealed? Shouldn’t a full, proper investigation be done first to ensure that he is not compromised?

Pelosi responded to the criticism of re-appointing Swalwell by saying:

“In the election, the American people elected a Democratic House Majority that not only will ensure that our nation recovers from this historic pandemic and economic crisis, but will Build Back Better,” Pelosi said in a statement. 

“As House Speaker, I am pleased to announce the appointments of these outstanding Members to key Committees, where they will be relentless in leading Democrats’ work to combat disparities in our economy and country and to advance justice and progress For The People.”

Pelosi totally ignored the fact that Swalwell is potentially compromised.

So, on the one hand, we have a narrative developing that is labeling Trump supporters across the USA as domestic terrorists, to allow for US authorities to make the necessary changes to deal with US citizens like potential terrorists, and on the other hand, we have politicians ignoring the very real potential of a compromised US Congressman with national secrets.


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