A terrifying interview with a female “Palestinian” suicide bomber

by Leah Rosenberg

This is frightening culture. Listening to this female “Palestinian” terrorist is so revealing of what type of mindset Israel’s enemy has.

“Palestinian” Suicide Bomber Smiles

Do you see her face? Do you see how monstrous her smile and words are? This “Palestinian” terrorist is not unique. There are many more just like her. Why? Because she is part of a culture that glorifies suicide bombings. She is part of a culture that will murder innocent babies in their sleep.

No, not all “Palestinian” Arabs are evil. They do not all want to murder the Jewish people. In fact, many prefer to live under Israeli control.

But the problem is, there are too many that would stab an Israeli man, woman, or child without thinking twice. The problem is that the Palestinian Authority, the leadership of the people, promotes killing. They incite violence. And when you have leaders who pay their people to blow up Jews, that should alarm the international world.

Jews are Different

One major difference between the Jewish culture and the “Palestinian” culture is that Jews do not value death. Jews promote life and love. The other side promotes murder and hate. Are there Jews who have done sinful acts and murdered innocent Arabs? Yes – but there is something crucial that the world needs to realize. Jewish culture condemns that. The Jewish leadership condemns those people. And whoever does something so horrific gets punished, not rewarded. The Palestinian Authority rewards whoever murders a Jew.

That difference makes all the difference. It separates the two cultures completely. The world refuses to admit it, but Israel is a nation of peace and love. That is what they promote. That is what they value.

Yet somehow, Israel gets condemned and slammed at the UN, college campuses, and more. And interviews like these are ignored and hidden.

Don’t let the truth be ignored anymore.

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