Political commentator gives the solution to beating the violent mob

by Phil Schneider

The heart of this video is to fight for our rights of free speech. This may seem like a joke that in the United States we actually have to fight for our free speech. But it is indeed exactly what needs to be done today – fight or be silenced. The cancel culture is a direct attack on free speech. It is not an attack on specific ideas, but on the very ability to speak our ideas.

How did this happen? When did the healthy liberal side of the Democratic party become hostage to the radical leftist PC culture? It happened gradually over the last few decades, and it started on college campuses. The concept of non-educated people discussing feelings and rights, and not discussing responsibilities has major ramifications. But more than anything else, the idea that G-d has been removed from the classrooms and mainstream thought in America has led to a culture where there is nothing that can be labeled as wrong. There is no good and evil anymore – just legitimate feelings.

That very idea is the source of all evil – the relativistic moral code allows all opinions, whether false or true – to be treated like they are perfectly legitimate. This is similar to a parent deciding that a young child who does not want to go to sleep is entitled to stay up till all hours. If the child wants to “take” their neighbor’s toys, then it is the child’s right. And if the child slaps their parents, the parent has no right to do anything that would in any way hurt the child’s feelings on the matter.

This creates grownups that steal other people’s stuff, even via violent means. And, when they don’t get their way, they scream bloody murder. After all, they are entitled to satisfy their feelings, even if it harms others. As for apologizing for doing something wrong, well, if there is no right and wrong, why apologize? That is why the silence culture needs to be stopped.

They are wrong. We are right.

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