A Milton Friedman interview from years ago perfectly explains the 2020 elections

by Phil Schneider

The problems that existed 20 years ago exist today. This interview is timeless. Friedman is in a class of his own when discussing capitalism versus socialism.

Milton Friedman was one of the most brilliant people of the 20th century. His defense of capitalism is simply scintillating. Are we worse off in a world dominated by capitalism or via a more socialist-based society? Friedman is spot-on. Political self-interest is no more noble than economic self-interest. That is a brilliant and important line that must be taught from parent to child and teacher to student. We should not look to our government for ultimate decision-making for redistribution of wealth. We should unleash the forces of capitalism, and look to the government to help support the needy in their quest to advance also.

The problem with more socialist ideas is that once the government accrues too much power, it becomes a dangerous threat to society. The Bernie Sanders ideology is gaining a lot of ground in the Democratic party today. It is a dangerous threat that must be stopped in it’s tracks. But capitalism is certainly not a perfect system either. But that’s for a different time.

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