Bari Weiss’s argument against Ilhan Omar and BDS silenced this CNN reporter

by Leah Rosenberg

The BDS movement is full of antisemitism. Ilhan Omar is full of antisemitism. And former NYT editor Bari Weiss just proved it.

BDS is Antisemitic – and so is Omar

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement wants to claim they are not antisemitic, despite their obsession with bringing down the Jewish state and despite the fact that its cofounder Omar Barghouti is a virulent antisemite.

Ilhan Omar wants to claim she is not an antisemite, despite her constant criticism and antisemitic remarks about the Jewish state.

But Bari Weiss will have none of it. And what is so amazing is that every time the CNN reporter tried to play devil’s advocate, Weiss had a factual, flawless response. Her responses were based on truth and facts.

Israel is a Democracy

All the claims about Israel mistreating “Palestinians” are false. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. “Palestinians” are only mistreated by their own leadership.

Israeli Arabs have the same rights as Jews. They can be doctors and lawyers. They can vote. They are part of the Israeli government.

Israel is a world leader in technology and is constantly looking to find cures for illness and improve the world.

But those like Ilhan Omar and movements like the BDS movement do not care about the truth. They have an obsession with Israel because they want to destroy it.

Barghouti has said that “Palestinians” will not accept a Jewish state. Why don’t people realize that none of this is about standing up for the rights of “Palestinians” or Arabs? The focus on the Jewish state while neglecting to address the countries that are really abusing human rights is indicative of complete antisemitism.

Why do other nations and peoples have a right to a homeland, but the Jewish people do not have the right to their ancient homeland that G-d gave them? The only answer to that question is antisemitism.


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