Democrat Games and The Permanent Fracturing of the Republic

by Micha Gefen

President Trump was up by 100s of thousands of votes in Michigan with 85% reporting and then suddenly the state, led by a far left governor stopped counting voted. Something similar happened in Wisconsin. Then when they started counting the votes again, with 9 percent more reporting Trump was suddenly down 7,000 votes in Michigan?

Experts have said that it is virtually impossible that the hundreds of thousands of votes found with 9 percent more counted actually exist. In fact, President Trump and his team are already preparing a legal fight for Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as Georgia and Pennsylvania.

However, this is what the Democrats want. They want a Trump victory to come by way of the Supreme Court not the ballot box. The MSM will back them up and then Obama’s decree that Trump is in fact a dictator will be “proven” true.

This is a set up. Trump and those supporting him are essentially damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

We all know that Biden is controlled. The Democrats will attempt to eradicate the Electoral College, pack the courts, and add Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. as states, essentially creating permanent control.

This is why Trump will not concede the election as long as it appears it was stolen. The next few days will begin a new phase in America. Neither side will budge and the American people will essentially be split between Blue coastal states and the Heartland – a permanent fracturing.

Yet, this fracturing has been in the works for some time. Cultural differences as well as views on the relationship between citizen and state essentially make these two or more entities incompatible. The current election may just be the trigger to push this disunification to the next step.

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