Your tax money is supporting Hezbollah and apartheid in Lebanon!

by Leah Rosenberg

So, do you know where your tax money is going? Probably not where you want it to be going. Here are some things you need to know.

Tax Money and Hezbollah

Some of your tax money is helping Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. They have rockets aimed at Israel. They have built terror tunnels into the Jewish state with the intention to kill and murder innocent Israeli civilians. And providing aid to Lebanon is really providing money and other aid to Hezbollah. Which in turn is really helping Iran because Hezbollah is a proxy of Iran. This is NOT sounding good…


Those who boycott Israel and support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement claim that Israel is an apartheid state. That could not be farther from the truth. Israel is actually a democracy and the freest country in the Middle East. Arabs can enjoy more freedom and rights in Israel than all the Arab countries.

Lebanon, on the other hand, has 450,000 Palestinian Arabs in 12 refugee camps. Are they given rights? No. In fact, they are not allowed to vote. They are banned from obtaining Lebanese citizenship. And they also are prohibited from entering certain professions. That is obviously apartheid. The facts are clear. It is not Israel that practices apartheid, it is the country (and countries) right beyond Israel’s borders. But all these antisemites ignore the truth. And that just shows that they do not care about Palestinian Arabs, they just care about demonizing the Jewish state.

BDS Exposed
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