One of the most chilling antisemitic rallies in Brooklyn just took place

by Leah Rosenberg

Antisemitic rallies have taken place across the US and the world. This one in Brooklyn was horrific, just as they all are. But listen to what they say.

Antisemitic Rallies

America is a democracy. It is a country that gives freedom of speech. But at antisemitic rallies like these, many freedoms are misused. Calling for the annihilation of one state, the Jewish state, is just wrong. Calling for martyrdom is horrific. And on the streets of Brooklyn! Everyone can hear what they are saying. But no one is stopping it.

The Lies and Changing History

Aside from this protest inciting violence against the Jewish people, the protesters shared lie after lie. They literally tried to rewrite history. The first speaker said that Jews “stormed” the villages and homes of Palestinian Arabs, killed them, and expelled more than 750,000 of them. That could not be farther from the truth. The Jews did not kick them out of their homes. Actually, the UN voted for the right of the Jews to return home. And then the Arab countries surrounding Israel attacked the newly founded Jewish state. Arab leaders told the Palestinian Arabs to leave their homes and that they would return once they won the war. But the Arabs lost. And the thing is, the UN voted for an Arab state to exist alongside the Jewish one, but of course, the Arabs refused and started a war instead.

The speaker lied about a UN resolution. These lies about history are unjustified and just plain wrong.

Check the Facts

It is so easy to check the facts. But no one does. People believe the horrific lies about Israel. One speaker got up and said that “resistance is justified” and that what the Palestinian Arabs do to the Jewish people is not considered terrorism. That is just the farthest thing from the truth and completely appalling to suggest. And then you have the Brooklyn assemblyman – the fact that he chooses to ignore the facts is just frightening. His bigotry is extremely offensive.

Check the facts. Double check what these antisemites are saying. And triple check before believing such ignorant and shocking comments about any nation or country.

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