Rally supporting Muslim victims of violence turns into call for Muslims to kill Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Brooklyn College is allowing what too many college campuses across America allow: anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate. This rally should’ve ended differently.

Brooklyn College & College Campus

A college campus should be an accepting place. It should be a place of learning and growth. A place to learn about yourself and others; to meet people from different cultures. But this video of a rally at Brooklyn College is tragically just like many other college campuses across the United States. College campuses have become a platform for hate against Israel – with words and with actions. No one – including Jews – should have to feel unsafe on their campus.

What the Rally Was Supposed to be

This rally was supposed to be a rally to support Muslim victims of violence. It is sad when people specifically target the innocent of ANY race or religion, including Muslims. And it is fair for people to rally in support of these Muslim victims. But when it takes a wrong turn and becomes a place to chant “long live the Intifada,” then they must be stopped. This cannot and should not ever be allowed on any college campus. The Intifada was a terrible time for the Jewish people living in Israel with many being killed and injured. Palestinian Arab terrorists blew up countless buses and restaurants. And these students are calling for more Jews to be killed. What have colleges become?

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