The Most Special Jewish Wedding You Will Ever See

by Phil Schneider

Get out the tissues. This is a real heart-breaker. No one would have ever thought that this young man and young woman would ever be able to live a normal life, let alone get married. However, not only did they get married – they had one of the happiest weddings that one could ever imagine. Watch the emotions flow from this super special couple as they enter into a fully Jewish life of marriage, overcoming their disabilities.

Special Children, Special Adults

Cerebral palsy generally keeps people from accomplishing much in their life. But this special couple are simply unbelievable. First of all, Shaul (or Saul), the groom. He not only is a fully observant Jew – he became a Rabbi and even published a book about being observant and “special.” The excitement of the day of the wedding is palpable. His parents are probably the happiest people in the world – as they escort him into the canopy.

The real difference between this special couple and everyone else is really minor. But, the happiness that they feel on their wedding day serves as an inspiration for all to overcome whatever challenges we face in this world.

Love can truly conquer all whenever anyone decides to set their minds to something. The power of the spirit and the power of love fuse in this special couple. May they enjoy a long life together!

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