The video that proves just how wrong Clinton was

by Phil Schneider

To what extent are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama close? Are they close from the angle of ideology or pure political expediency? How did the strategy of the Obama administration in Iraq reshape the world?

In a nutshell, her policies led to the creation of ISIS, an Islamic caliphate in the heart of the Middle East. But more than that, it encouraged the Islamic radical militants around the world to raise their heads and commit acts of terror. The foreign policy strategy that Hillary Clinton led as Secretary of State in the Obama administration was basically one large failure.


Libya was led by Qaddafi for decades. It was a country that did not live freely. Qaddafi was resented by many. But since Ronald Reagan bombed Libya, they did not pose a danger to other countries. But, once the Clinton policy of allowing ISIS threats to spread in the Middle East continued to grow, Libya became a target. The United States did not intervene when Qaddafi was threatened by ISIS. Clinton didn’t even lift a finger when her Consulate called, desperately asking for better security measures. Ultimately, her inaction directly led to the deaths of several people in the Consulate. And, of course, she did not take responsibility. It was just “normal” for dangerous things to happen in dangerous places. But actually, a beefed up security move would have saved their lives. This was not a major conflagration. It was a minor part of the battle for Middle East stability. But, it was indicative of the failed foresight, failed planning, and poor execution of basic policy that Hillary led as Secretary of State. She was clearly angling for a presidential run more than she was busy running the foreign policy of the country.

We are all better off without Hillary in the lead of this country. She may have or may not have continued the Obama administration policies. We’ll never know. Things probably would have been even worse on certain levels.

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