You Won’t Believe What the Son of Hamas Said on CNN!

by Phil Schneider

This Son of Hamas went off the path that his parents hoped he would follow. His Dad was a terrorist, and he was a young Hamas member too.

This is very important to watch. Someone from the inside of radical Islam Hamas movement explains clearly what we already know from his actual experience. Hamas wants to take over the world and build a radical Muslim empire on the rubble of every civilized country in the world. He knows. He’s been there. He was part of this horrible indoctrination and knows that it’s almost impossible to break away from this society.

Yet he succeeded in breaking away, at a great personal cost.  Now he serves as a true example of human perseverance and the ability to break out of the cycle of violence and hatred.

End Goal

What does Hamas want? Hamas does not just want to destroy the State of Israel. They want to build an Islamic caliphate on the rubble of the Western Civilization.

Mosab reveals the real face of Hamas on CNN.  It’s great to see the expression on the face of the CNN host when he realizes that Mosab’s opinion prove more conclusively than anyone else what an impossible foe Israel has.

Hamas doesn’t want to coexist with Israel.  They don’t care about the lives of Jews in Israel.  They don’t even care about their own lives.

Mosab is not a professor on a USA campus.  He was raised on the inside, converted to Christianity, and gave it all up.

What he says is important.  I hope he walks around with security.

Col. Kemp

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