Yemen Houthi group raises money for terrorism as its own people starve

by Avi Abelow

People in Yemen are starving. So what did a Yemen Houthi group do? They raised money. But not for the starving people, rather for Hezbollah!

People in Yemen are Suffering

Yemenis need aid. They need help. But instead of a Yemen Houthi group raising money for them, they raised money for Hezbollah, which is just a proxy of Iran. So, they raised almost $300,000 for the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism instead of for the people starving right in front of them.

Hatred Knows No Bounds

These terrorists have such intense hatred for Israel, America, and the Jews that they are willing to let people die in front of them as they raise money for Hezbollah, a named and known terrorist organization. This video shows the Houthi group chanting their hatred and praising Hezbollah.

And while all of this goes on, the UN and much of the world still focuses on Israel instead of the real issues happening throughout the world. The US Congresswomen known as The Squad still demonize the Jewish state and spread lies about it all while ignoring the starving people in Yemen. Maybe there would actually be some positive changes in the impoverished countries if everyone focused their attention and time on those who actually need help and on those who are actually committing crimes. But until the world wakes up, people who are really suffering will continue to suffer because so much time and money is being spent in the wrong way.

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