The happiest man on Earth is a 99-year-old Holocaust survivor

by Chaya Cikk

Considering all the tragedy that this man has gone through, it is shocking how he is the happiest man on earth. Just listen to this man, he has some key tips on how to keep happy and spread happiness.

The Happiest Man

After seeing so much tragedy, how can one possibly find happiness? But Eddie did. He finds happiness by being with his family and friends. He learned that smiling is infectious and just by smiling you can make someone’s day a lot better. You never know what someone is going through in life, your smile might help them change their perspective.

Happiness can also keep you healthier for longer. How cool is that? Additionally, it makes you more productive and nicer. Furthermore, if someone who has seen so much tragedy can find happiness so can you!

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events known to mankind. There were many tragic events leading up to the Holocaust. One of those events was Kristallnacht. This event took place on 9th November 1938, where Germans destroyed many Synagogues, Torah Scrolls, Jewish businesses, and much more.

Eddie is just one of the many that survived the Holocaust. However, there were over six million Jews that perished. Those that did survive were scared, they no doubt saw some unspeakable things. As we say at every Holocaust Remembrance Day, “Never again and never forget”.

Finally, Eddie’s message to all of us is to just be happy and spread happiness. Enjoy life to the fullest. As he says at the end ” don’t walk in front of me I may not follow, don’t walk behind me I may not lead, just walk beside and be my friend”. That is what everyone needs in life, a good friend to be there during good times and bad.

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