This congressman made a point about boycotts that everyone needs to hear

by Leah Rosenberg

There is so much talk recently about the BDS Movement. But Congressman Steve Scalise said something about boycotts that people are forgetting about.

Congressman’s Important Point

Congressman Scalise reminded people when boycotts should be used. Boycotts should be used to PROMOTE freedom, not to take away freedom and threaten it. As Rep. Scalise said, “If a boycott is being used to advance freedom, that’s one we should support. But if a boycott’s being used to undermine the very freedoms that exist in the only real elected democracy in the Middle East, we all need to rise up against that.”

And that is exactly what the BDS Movement’s goal is. It is to undermine the freedoms in Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East. Why would anyone support that? A boycott that one should support is one that helps create MORE freedom! But we have some in the Congress who support the BDS Movement.

It’s Really Just Antisemitism

Let’s admit the truth here. The BDS Movement has no positive goal. It is truly just about antisemitism. They pretend they are an organization that is for Palestinian Arab rights, but that could not be farther from the truth. The BDS Movement’s goal is to bring down the Jewish state in whatever way they can. In fact, they have done more harm for the Palestinian Arabs than good. Why? Because they do not care about the Palestinian Arabs. They care about the destruction of Israel.

It is mind-boggling that so many are blind to the truth. But at least some congressmen can see the obvious facts. At least congressmen like Rep. Steve Scalise will stand up for Israel and for morals. And at least he knows what boycotts should really be about and that the BDS Movement definitely does not fall into the category of fighting for anyone’s freedom.

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