Palestinian Authority vows to end all ties with Israel – but THIS is what you have to know

by Phil Schneider

Does the Palestinian Authority have real security cooperation with the State of Israel today? Has there ever been security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority? The answer is yes and yes. There is indeed an apparatus for security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It is a disaster today and it has been a disaster from the beginning. Notice that the “intellectual” leaders of the Palestinian Authority claim that Israel actually claim that Israel performs “ethnic cleansing” on Arabs today also. This comes – literally one day after Israel approved 700 new homes in Arab towns. But it is so much more than that….

The Best Place to be an Arab in the Middle East

There is one place in the Middle East that an Arab can get the best medical care, both emergency and regular medical care – the State of Israel. The amount of cooperation between Arabs and Israelis in the field of medical care is enormous – day in and day out. Thousands of Arabs and Jews save lives every day of Jews and Arabs. So why doe the leadership of the Arab community threaten that there will be zero cooperation between Jews and Arabs? Because he has enormous pressure from all over the region and from many of the radicals in his midst. He must keep up the facade of being in a constant state of struggle and turmoil with the Jewish State. But in truth, the Arabs have it good in Israel. More and more Arabs are now willing to come forward and exclaim that they are happy Arab citizens of the State of Israel.

The key to cooperation is that it must happen wherever possible in every aspect of life – except security. There should be zero weapons in the hands of any Arab in the State of Israel. Why? Because we’ve been there and it leads to Jewish lives being cut down. We tried it – it doesn’t work. For a little while, there was even an attempt at joint patrols with armed Jews and Arabs in the same jeep. That stopped after the first incident of an Arab who turned his gun on the Jew.

There are no quick or easy solutions, but the non-elected leadership of the Arab people in the State of Israel should never be trusted. Nor should their words ever be taken at face value…Their is always an ulterior motive…

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