Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Out of Control

by Avi Abelow

“Absolutely” Ocasio-Cortez agrees with the program host who called Israel “criminal” “white supremacist Jews”. This follows the recent episode of her co-sponsoring a blatantly Jew-hating bill in the House, resolution HR496, that compares modern-day Israel to Nazi Germany.

As former NY Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hinkind says AOC “is out of control”, and some additional harsh words for her following this interview.

Dov Hikind tweeted: “Until now I gave Ocasio-Cortez benefit of doubt & assumed she’s merely ignorant of history and didn’t realize extent of her words. Now, it’s clear that she’s a calculating Antisemite. She’s still ignorant about subjects she speaks of so carelessly, but she’s an Antisemite too!”

The Crazy Jew-Hating Claim that Jews are White Supremacists

It is absolutely crazy to say utter white supremecy together with the Jewish people in Israel. The Jewish people are not white, we are Jews! Jews of all color from all over the world. Believe it or not, a majority of the Israeli Jewish population are originally from Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen etc. Even Israel’s Jewish politicians are a mix of ethnicities and even colors, with Jewish black Ethiopians as well.

Even in the United States Jews are not all white. The American Jewish community is filled with Middle Eastern Jews as well.

The Jewish people are not white. We are our own distinct people, we are a nation of people. A nation with a homeland, Israel. Due to persecution and exile by the Roman Empire two thousand years ago, we were spread across the globe. However, it is our peoplehood, and our religious cultural practices that keep us together.

It is absolutely abhorrent that people today are calling Jews “white supremacists”. While AOC should shut-up, her outright Jew-hating lies and actions are helping us explain the truth about Israel and the Jewish people to the world.

The very sad thing about AOC is that she heerself is proof that Jews are not white!

AOC herself has claimed that she has a Jewish heritage!

Believe it or not, much of the Latino world, in Spain, Portugal, South America and North America have Jewish heritage, since much of the Jewish community of Spain and Portugal were forcefully converted to Catholicism by the Church in the 15th century in what is called the Spanish Inquisition. Many Jews tried to escape the Inquisition and fled to South America, but the Inquisition followed them there. Hence many South American Catholics, as well as North Americans of South American descent, have a Jewish heritage.

Instead of learning about her Jewish heritage and truly learning what it means to be a Jew, AOC has joined the camp of Jew-haters in Congress.

The Jewish people believe in repentance, so we still welcome AOC to seriously learn about her Jewish heritage and our connection to our ancestral homeland, Israel. This hopefully would then lead her to regret and then apologize for the Jew-hating and anti-Israel positions and comments she has made.

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