Would the IDF be ready if a war broke out tomorrow?

by Leah Rosenberg

Would the IDF be ready for a war tomorrow? This is how they’re preparing:

With the Gaza area literally exploding, fears of a wider conflict are growing. The IDF has been training for a potential war scenario with both fronts in the South and North opening up. While this current round may be a few days long, there really is no way to know as Iran is ultimately pulling the strings. This is why the IDF must always be ready.

The purpose of the previous training was for a scenario that is coming into fruition currently. IDF troops trained to ensure all of their tools would be at their disposal. Commanders learned how to train troops with optimal synchronization, specifically for an al out ground offensive in an urban area. This would be of importance if the current Gaza fighting requires that the IDF launch a wide ranging ground operation, many in the Gaza envelope have called for.

The drill a few months ago involved armor, infantry, and combat engineers. One commander comment, “We fight shoulder to shoulder with infantry forces, aerial support, from the air force, from artillery, and with general support of IDF intelligence.”

This drill was part of an entire military overhaul, one that is meant to implemented over a number of years.

The current escalation may be its first real test.

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