A Druze leader stood up and proved every anti-Israel “apartheid” activist wrong

by Avi Abelow

Anti-Israel activists want to claim that Israel is an apartheid state. They want to say Israel mistreats people. But listen to what this Druze leader says!

Druze Leader Says the Truth

This Druze leader got up there and in under one minute, he destroyed the claims of anti-Israel activists. These Israel-haters want to claim that Israel mistreats those in Israel who are not Jewish. But that could not be farther from the truth! As the Druze leader said, “We consider ourselves an integral part of our state, the state of Israel.” No one is forcing him to say that. He is just an example of the truth; of the fact that Druze (and others) do not feel like they are scorned or abandoned in the Jewish state. The media may not tell you the truth, but this Druze leader will!

Who are You Going to Believe?

Who are you going to believe when it comes to the truth about Israel? People who call Israel an apartheid state but have never stepped foot in the country? People who hate the Jewish people and the concept of a Jewish state? Or the people who actually live in the country and reap its benefits? Those who are honored to call the state of Israel their home. Like this Druze leader.

You should trust those who know the truth about the Jewish state; those who actually see the facts and reality. This video can help show those who are uneducated the type of country Israel really is!

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