Israeli Arab reveals the Left’s biggest secret

by Leah Rosenberg

The Left has a secret, and this Israeli Arab is well aware of it. Now the whole world can be aware as well. He does not hold back at all here!

The Left’s Secret

The Israeli Arab in this video Abdul Abed El Rachman talks about how the Left uses Arabs for their own benefit. They want to see the humiliated and downtrodden Arab so that the Arab will ask for their help. And then the Left uses that image for the public and blames Israel. But Abul tells the truth about Israel. Israel is a beautiful and wonderful country. He has been treated well his whole life. There is no discrimination, no apartheid. The public is wrong about Israel. The Left is wrong. And he wants everyone to know. Abdul even calls the Left an “occupier,” which is especially significant given that the world calls Israel the occupiers!

The Brave Arabs Who Speak Up

It is amazing when you hear these Arabs who speak up and speak the truth. In this world, so many people are denying Israel’s right to exist. They deny that Israel is a democracy; a place of freedom and equality. Whether it is ignorance or pure antisemitism, it is wrong. The more voices that stand up and say the facts, the more they will be heard.

It is sad that Israel needs to be defended so greatly even though it is so obvious that they do so much good for the world and for the Arabs themselves. You really do not need to search much farther than this video to hear the truth. And the truth sounds SO good!

Arab Incitement
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