Israeli politician Naftali Bennett’s bold message to President Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

Naftali Bennett is the type of politician that says whatever is on his mind. Listen to his strong message to President Trump.

Message to President Trump

The United States and Israel are strong allies. Their relationship is unlike any other. But even so, not everything is always so positive. Sometimes, there are shaky times. Sometimes, they disagree on things.

Naftali Bennett gave a strong speech with a message to President Trump. Bennett does not want Trump to keep secrets. What “Palestinian” state is being planned? Why is everyone involved besides the Israelis? What is this “deal of the century?” Shouldn’t Israel be able to choose its future? The world should not be choosing Israel’s future for her. What country would ever allow others to decide its fate? But of course, Israel is expected to be passive in its own future.

Keeping Israel Safe

Israel cannot afford to have a terrorist state side by side with the Jewish state. Why does the world not realize that? No other country would stand for what Israel has been up against. Other countries would just destroy any entity that tries to harm its people or its country. But Israel is held to a different standard. The world condemns Israel for defending itself.

Bennett ends his speech perfectly: “The Land of Israel has been our homeland for almost 4,000 years. Nobody can tear it apart. Nobody can divide Jerusalem again.” President Trump needs to listen. The United Nations needs to listen. The whole world needs to listen.

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