Woke students on college campus donate money to kill Jews

by Phil Schneider

“Suicide Bombers – the poor-man’s F-15.” “Peace And Love.” These kinds of keywords are the language that some young people on campuses are susceptible to. As long as it is against Israel, there will be a mass following that will stand up and support it. The Hamas organization does nothing to hide their goals. They are out to destroy Israel – plain and simple. But, that is not enough for the mass of young students who have bought into the anti-Israel line.

Many people believe that the core of the problems we are facing today is the corruption of the minds of young American students on campus today. So many schools are filled with radical progressive professors, and political correctness is at it’s worst on campuses, that it is not much of a surprise that students are so easily convinced to support a cause that wants to wipe Israel off the map.

The ignorance of so many in the world today is indeed frightening. What is even more frightening is that even when cities are filled with violence, the solution touted by so many is one of defunding the police. As if the problem of crime is not with those who commit crime. This issue is indeed connected to the prevalent attitudes of moral relativism that pervade so many people today. If there is no right and wrong, and the only things that truly matter are feelings, then the world is going to spiral downward and not recover. We need a return to fact-based mindsets, not feeling-based mindsets. Ami Horowitz points out better than anyone else just how pathetic feeling-based judgments can be. Sometimes an education can be a dangerous thing.

Arab Incitement
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