The World Ignores China’s Genocide, While Accusing Israel Of Apartheid And Worse

by Micha Gefen

With millions of Chinese Uyghurs in forced labor camps, where they suffer horrendous atrocities like sterilizations, organ harvesting, and rape one wonders where the out cry is.

While the world ignores China’s atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims, it bands together to accuse Israel of apartheid and genocide. It is one things to criticize a country’s tactical judgements, but when a country like Israel, suffers thousands of rocket attacks and responds by warning civilians to leave buildings set to be bombed, one wonders what China would do if they were attacked. After all, Uyghurs never lifted a hand against China. Their only crime is being Uyghur. For that millions of them are now in concentration camps.

The Uyghur genocide like the Tibetan one before it has been carried out by the Han ruled Chinese government and army. The policy is based on a racist view of the world where only the Chinese Han are considered the racial superiors. Yet, it is Israel who is accused of promoting a racist agenda as well as committing acts of genocide.

The only explanation of the vast hypocrisy is that the world has gone completely mad. Actually, the real reason for such an over focus on Israel’s defensive war against a vile enemy like Hamas is pure antisemitism. Unfortunately, in a world where we are now witnessing such inversion of justice and truth there are few avenues to fight it.

Arab Incitement
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